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About Us

The equestrian world is a unique one, unlike any other we equestrians spend more money on our horses shoes than our own… and that’s just the beginning. And unlike most shopping sprees, we equestrians do not have the time to browse amongst the endless variety of brands & shops online or driving round from one tack shop to the next looking for the right item in the right size. 

As equestrian shoppers ourselves, we outlined our favourite places to shop: 
  1. Horse Trials - we love all the big Tack Shops that have everything you could possibly have forgotten & might need last minute for your horse.. along with the big brands with all your favourites! But amongst these you find little treasures, small business with truly unique products unlike any other. 
  1. The HOYS & Olympia Shopping Villages - The annual gathering of equestrian shops, all with the biggest range of products in the UK. Amazing, but what do we do for the other 50 weeks of the year...
  1. Instagram - Now this might seem strange to those not familiar with the picture blogging site, but  hear us out. Our marketing manager is a bit of an Instagram addict, because she loves finding little treasures from around the world. Little companies in the USA & Europe have amazing products that she would never have found if it wasn’t for.. you guessed it, Instagram! But it’s difficult to buy from, as these little companies might not ship to your country and the prices aren't in your currency and now we have a headache and it’s just not worth it. 
And that is where Tackville International started! We have created the Ultimate Online Tack Store. bringing you something all equestrians need: the best & most reputable brands from around the world alongside the little treasures to give you everything in one place, all in the right currency with easy shipping & simple returns. 
So enjoy your shopping and if you can’t find what you’re looking for - please let us know!